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Working to Achieve our Aims Influencing policy, raising public awareness, opposing harmful development.

In order to raise public awareness and encourage debate on issues affecting the environment, we regularly hold public forums with a panel of expert speakers. These have dealt with housing, minerals extraction and waste disposal, local democracy, Pulborough Health Centre, the then proposed South Downs National Park, local public transport and the pressing issue of climate change.                            

Responses to consultations on regional, county and district policies and plans, form a major part of our work, as does the monitoring of planning applications for a wide area in and around Wiggonholt.                      

Comments or objections to developments we consider inept or harmful are based on knowledge of Government guidelines, planning policies and regulations, and are often submitted in support of local associations and residents.                            

As we do not hesitate to seek expert advice when necessary, we do need to raise funds to meet professional fees. In the past this has involved events such as auctions and sponsored walks, and the establishment of a charity shop in Pulborough.